Why be a Coach?

Earn income.  Set your own schedule. 
Change lives.  Share success.  Create more fun.
Do more of what you love – travel, language, culture, business…

Success Coaches

Success Coaches help people learn skills to succeed in business.  Using short modules and a fun atmosphere, they share easy tips and practice exercises for specific skills.  They also share opportunities for jobs, speaking engagements, increasing one’s visibility, and so much more.

Travel Coaches

Travel Coaches share information and hold fun events.  They pass along money-saving tips and creative suggestions.  They help people travel more to places close by, on their bucket list, or that they never dreamed they could afford.  Travel Coaches do not sell travel and are not travel agents.  They may provide affiliate info and links by which they earn revenue but it is optional.

Language Coaches

Language Coaches increase inclusion by breaking down barriers between people and helping people relate to each other in more personal ways.  Sessions are frequently held in cultural-specific locations.  Some sessions may include movement or light fitness exercises.  Sessions can help people prepare for business or leisure travel, dating, culinary pursuits, and daily life.

What makes a good Coach?

Personality!  A desire to help people.  Good communication skills.

Can I Coach on multiple topics?

You bet!  Based on your interests and experience you can choose what you would like to offer.

How do I become a Coach?

Fill out the Coach Info Request and let’s get started!  You must be 21+ and legally authorized to work in the US.

Coach Info Request