Teams – Leading, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution

Great New Managers
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Choose Your Focus Areas:

Letting go and delegation
Setting goals and accountability
Communication styles of you and your team
Aligning work processes and methods
Different leadership styles and their effectiveness
Strong and effective meetings
Feedback as a two-way street
Performing under pressure
Handling difficult people and situations
Ways to increase collaboration
Reducing conflict and resolving problems

Managing Fast Growing Teams
Member gives a hand up to help new person join social group or business team
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Short-term goals, medium-term goals, and plateaus
Plan for and find the right talent
Stretch assignments and career growth
Inform and empower your team
Remove what doesn’t work anymore
Add systems that aid productivity
Keep an eye on the user/client
Increase collaboration, reduce conflict
Rewards and acknowledgement
Letting off steam and relaxing positively

Increase Collaboration & Reduce Conflict
Leadership managing others conflict
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Behavior and bias that blocks collaboration
Healthy competition
Shifting your perspective and those of others
Different communication and decision-making styles
Open communication and active listening
Persuasion and influence
Negotiation and mediation
4 step conflict resolution – define issue, identify interests, create options, develop agreement

Reverse Mentoring that Strengthens Teams
multi-generational group
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Set clear goals and metrics
Communication styles
Being open to the perspective of others
Finding quality mentors and mentees
Create a timeline and different meeting types
Active listening
Constructive feedback

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