Sales, Negotiation, Persuasion Skills

We Are All in Sales
(enterprise-wide participation
to grow sales)
Diversity business team jumping celebrating success, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Caucasian ethnicities
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Everyone can find sales
Identify the users and prospects for your product/service
Opportunities are everywhere if you look
Your sales cycle and process
Collaborate with the sales team
Celebrate small and big wins
Create a sustainable system and metrics

Pump Up Your Sales
Foundation Skills
sales team
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Understanding the sales process
Decipher needs and wants, features and benefits
Find more prospects and better qualify them
Create a solid sales funnel
Create clear call to actions
Cold calling techniques
Showing confidence and enthusiasm not pushiness
Planning follow up actions
Real life practice & evaluation

Pump Up Your Sales
Advanced Skills
Hiring Salespeople
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Create repeat purchase processes
Bundling and upselling techniques
The 80/20 Rule
Creative follow up techniques
Using the 5 question types
Overcoming objections, turning no to yes
Asking for referrals from trusted sources
Using influence and persuasion
Using CRMs and automated processes
Real life practice & evaluation

Pump Up Your Sales
Knock It Out of the Park Skills
Hiring Salespeople
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Quantifying ROI
Preparing RFPs that win the pitch
Presentations – live, team, interactive
Injecting emotion and passion into the process
Strong and flexible negotiation methods
Negoiating large or complicated sales
Partnering and affiliate programs
Real life practice & evaluation

Find More Prospects & Better Qualify Them
global team
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Needs based selling process
Where to find prospects
How to network and build referrals
Cold calling techniques
Quick and better qualification
Using phone, email, social media effectively
Real life practice & evaluation

Cold Calling Made Easier & More Productive
Stressed man hanging up the phone
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Verbal, vocal, and visualization skills
Different question types
Active listening
Involve, inform, and stay objective
Sales scripts and outlines
Leaving persuasive messages
Handling difficult people or situations
Staying motivated
Real life practice & evaluation

Sales Scripting Done Well
sales scripting
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Building a clear product story
Understanding your audience’s needs and wants
Scripting variations for different situations
Open versus closed questions
Handling tough questions
Using active listening skills

Identifying Needs, Pain Points, and Benefits
for Better Results
Marketing strategy - segmentation targeting and positioning. Visualization of marketing strategy process.
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Identify needs, pain points, and wants
Benefits versus features
Who values solving the problem
Align your offer with their pain
Position your message accurately
Primary and secondary differentiators
Address group or individual concerns

Persuasion and Influence is not Manipulation
Salary Neg final 220
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Increase acceptance of your idea or offer
The principles of persuasion and influence
Conscious and subconscious processes
Emotion, logic, and discomfort
Respect, trust, and approval
Inspire or motivate others
Build, enhance, or repair relationships
Avoiding unethical applications

Negotiation is a Strong but Delicate Skill
Neg & Persuasion final 220
Choose Your Focus Areas:

What is firm, what is negotiable
Frame the negotiation properly
Steps for a smooth negotiation process
Identifying areas of risk
Handling roadblocks – delays, changes, people
Avoiding holes and traps
Communication and style differences
Real life practice & evaluation

Selling Across Generations
multi-generational group
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Different motivators and loyalties
Live to Work versus Work to Live
Social involvement and engagement
Construction versus Deconstruction
Where to reach them
Verbal and non-verbal variations

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