Presentation & Public Speaking Skills

Compelling Panelist & Moderator
Panelist final 220
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Creating a clear personal style with authority
Speaking with confidence and credibility
Handling questions and impromptu requests
Projecting a “stand out from the crowd” image
Delivering key points or action takeaways

Powerful Presentations
Foundation Skills
Group of business partners looking at young man presenting computer project at meeting
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Build a compelling story
Different structures for different purposes
Engaging the audience
Balancing verbal and non-verbal components
Reducing nervousness
Deliver actual presentations (video recorded)

Powerful Presentations
Advanced Skills
Board of directors
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Data heavy content
Design effective visual aids
Team presentations
Handling questions and answers
Managing tough audiences

Using new presentation technology
Deliver actual presentations (video recorded)

Powerful Presentations
Knock It Out of the Park Skills
Video Cenference at a university congress center for education of personel.
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Being more compelling and convincing
Handling impromptu requests
Creating structure when there is none
Dealing with difficult audiences
Turning Q&A into a home run
Deliver actual presentations (video recorded)

Powerful Presentations
Specialized Versions
precision selling - original
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Industry specific – Ad Agency, Media, Tech, Engineering, Finance, Health, Consumer
Role specific – Sales, Marketing, Tech
Deliver actual presentations (video recorded)

Strong Team Presentations
enhanced revenue - original
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Who should be on the team and why
Assigning roles and talking points
Planning and structure to achieve clarity
Introductions, transitions, and conclusions
Handling questions
Visual aids

Virtual Presentations & Audience Engagement
virtual presentations
Choose Your Focus Areas:

Clear purposes and desired outcomes
Knowing your audience
Balancing verbal and non-verbal tools
Concise content and clean structure that is easy to follow
Visuals that aid comprehension
Keeping the audience engaged to reduce multi-tasking
Making it feel personal
How to increase active listening skills
Technology options and familiarity
Handling questions

Create Convincing Slides & Decks
creating slides
Choose Your Focus Areas:

What works in visual aids
How design affects comprehension
Planning a complete story
New technology in visual aids

Master the Art of Question & Answer
Choose Your Focus Areas:

When to take questions
Staying on topic
Refocusing a question
Engaging the audience in the answer
Handling difficult questions or people
Closing the question period with strength

Presenting Across Cultures
across culture
Choose Your Focus Areas:

How culture, beliefs, education affect communication
Creating a message that passes through filters
Selecting appropriate language
The pros and cons of verbal and non-verbal components

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