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Host or Sponsor a Visible Opportunities or Success Event

Benefits from being an Event Host or Sponsor:
Align with diversity, equity, and inclusion
Increase engagement and retention of current staff
Upskill your team and increase their visibility
Lower recruitment costs and increase quality applicants
Showcase your product, service, openings to key audiences (everyone loves giveaways)
Interact with clients or prospects in a positive environment
Increase brand lift, target audience reach, and favorability rating
Partner with groups (industry, Women in Tech, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, etc)

It’s really easy:
Choose the focus for the event: General, Industry, Role, or Demographic
Determine the audience: internal only, internal + invited guests (great for client/prospect interaction), open to the public
Provide a venue or use one we have
Pay an event fee (well, you knew it was coming, but it’s very reasonable)
Ask yourself – How can we make our event rock?
Join the positive social media coverage
Provide refreshments (optional)


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