All of our topics are available for groups or organizations under an Enterprise package.  Individuals can attain Badges for different levels in many topics, as well as participate in practice sessions.  Please let us know how we can help your team boost their success.

Compelling Expert™
Compelling Presenter™
Compelling Panelist/Moderator™
Compelling Speaker™
Compelling Brand™
Visible Opportunities™
Moving Language™
Compelling Negotiator™
3 C’s of Effective Communication – Clear, Concise, Credible™
Techies Talk Terrific™
Mastering Virtual Communication (Video, Phone, Text, Social)™
Active Listening – Turn It into Your Super Power™
Using the 5 Question Types Effectively™
Communicating in Multi-Cultural Teams and Situations™
Staying Diplomatic in Difficult Situations™
Handling Upset Clients or Colleagues Professionally™
Global Business Protocol + Communication™
Business Travel Security & Success™