About Us

Positive Return and our founder, Stacy Waite, are global experts in professional development training.  With decades of experience across five continents, we excel in soft skills training for presentations, sales, negotiation, collaboration, team building, cross-cultural and cross-generational communication, travel safety, and more.

We are now offering our services to the public via in-person and virtual events with Positive Return-certified Coaches.  Our goal is to provide access to top quality training, development, and fun educational tools so everyone can enjoy faster success and more fun. 

We break down cultural, educational, and socio-economic barriers – changing the world and uniting people through:

  • Diversity – Our Coaches come from a wide background including under-represented communities, people with disabilities, military servicemembers and their families, and recent college grads (including HBCUs). 
  • Inclusion – We bring top-level expertise and access to opportunities to anyone interested in pursuing their dream or goal.
  • Community-building – Many events are held at small businesses and in neighborhoods under-utilized for business meetings.  Small and new businesses can sponsor in-person and online events to increase their visibility.

Let us know how we can help YOU.  Or join us as a Coach, we’re always looking for more positive people!