We believe everyone should have access to opportunities and skill development.  And that with collaboration, anyone can make an impact. You, us, everyone!

Positive Return is a skill website and coach network. We analyze what is needed to achieve success in career and personal goals and create easy steps to attain it. 

From speaking with confidence, getting on a board, or being CEO of a startup that changes the world – we’re here to help you BE SUCCESSFUL FASTER!

Our Chief Success Officer
Stacy Waite

Stacy believes in providing open access to success opportunities and living great adventures. She was the youngest person, and first woman, to launch a Wall Street hedge fund and achieved annual returns of 20+% for 10 years straight. She retired at 34, moved to Australia to spend 3 months diving the Great Barrier Reef (and “educating” herself on Shiraz), and then led business development for Credit Suisse Asset Management Australia with significant growth in investments.

In 1999, she launched one of the earliest localized travel platforms for people passionate about travel. She has lived in the Middle East, North Africa, and Australia; worked in or visited 60+ countries; flown over 1 million miles; and been a high-value kidnapping target in Algeria with diplomatic security, 24 hour guards, and training in counterintelligence, shoot to kill measures, and driving armored vehicles.

Stacy’s experience spans financial services, digital media, travel services, entrepreneurism, and professional development training. She has trained thousands of people around the world including diplomats, C-suite, small businesses, and college students. Stacy is the daughter of a veteran and was a military spouse.