Visible Opportunities

Mission:  create open access to opportunities and visibility for all

 opportunities  =  key committees, board seats, strong networks

visibility  =  speaking, social media engagement, company/industry awareness

all  =  gender, race, age, socioeconomic backgrounds

Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Successful

We’re pulling back the curtain on how to succeed in different industries and roles.

Diversity brings different views, experiences, and ideas together.
Inclusion improves companies, teams, conferences, and the bottom line.

Working together, we can open more doors and create more opportunities.

Learn insider tips at in person and virtual events.

 2018 Visible Opportunities Weeks:
New Orleans:  June 11-13
Tampa Bay:  June 25-29
Los Angeles:  July 9-13
New York:  August 6-10
Miami, Orlando

San Francisco, Chicago
Austin, Boston

Network with successful people.  Fuel your success with:

Define Your Brand & Value Proposition

Boost Your Visibility

Get on Key Boards & Committees

Win Speaking Opportunities

But wait, there’s more!

We have special focus events for:

Industries – Tech, Law, Financial, more

Roles – Marketing, HR, Sales, Engineering, more

Demographics – Women, Latino/a, Black, LGBT+

Be seen.  Be heard.  Join the SUCCESS MOVEMENT today!