FREE Successful Traveler™ Workshops


The Successful Traveler™ workshop empowers professionals and college graduates to increase the security of their data and devices, be safer, react well in emergencies, comply with policy, and be more productive on the road.  It aids in Enterprise Security Risk Management and Travel Policy Compliance while putting a little enjoyment back in business travel.

In only 30 minutes we cover:

  • Securing Data & Devices – visual hacking, physical loss, data/keystroke capture, cameras everywhere, digital fingerprint vulnerability, RFID blocking
  • Personal Safety – situational awareness, areas of vulnerability, shared economy, smart home/security
  • Increased Productivity – staying connected, clear/quieter audio, helpful apps, quality luggage,
    getting upgrades, speed thru airports
  • Staying Healthy – avoiding illness, exercise, food options
  • Handling Emergencies – how to react, who to contact
  • Travel Policy Compliance – policy components


Don’t wait, dates are going fast.  Book a FREE workshop now for your office, group, or college.  We’ll even bring samples and demos.  

The workshops are made possible through the kind support of 3M.


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