Host a Visible Opportunities Event and join the Success Movement

Why be a Host?

  • Align with inclusion
  • Increase engagement and retention of current staff
  • Upskill your team and increase their visibility
  • Lower recruitment costs and increase quality applicants
  • Showcase your product, service, openings to key audiences 
  • Interact with clients or prospects in a positive environment
  • Increase brand lift, target audience reach, and favorability rating

What does a Host do?

  • Chooses the focus for their event:  Industry, Role, or Demographic specific
  • Determines the audience:  internal only, internal + invited guests (great for client/prospect interaction), open to the public
  • Provide 1-2 speakers to:  lead part of the program, describe opportunities at their company, or for Q&A (optional, but we offer valuable coaching to your speakers and it’s great experience and visibility)
  • Provides the venue
  • Pays an event fee (well, you knew it was coming but it’s quite reasonable)

How can we make our event even better?

  • Partner with groups such as Women in Tech, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, etc
  • Join the positive social media coverage
  • Provide refreshments (everyone loves free food and drinks)
  • Offer product samples

Can we host more than one event?

  • Yes, the more, the better
  • You can host multiple events in one city or in different cities

When can we host an event?

  • Anytime is good
  • Visible Opportunities Weeks are scheduled in some cities to maximize effect

Let’s start talking